The Difference Between Hydroponics and Organics - Greenhouse Hydroponics
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The Difference Between Hydroponics and Organics

The Greenhouse stocks a wide array of products necessary to successfully build and maintain a hydroponic or organic garden.
What's the difference between hydroponics and organics?


Hydroponics is growing a plant in the absence of soil. Plants are planted in an inert medium, like rocks, Coco Coir, or Grodan etc. The plant receives its nutritional quota from nutrient salts dissolved in water.  Hydroponics is an incredibly fast, high-yielding way to get the most plant growth out of a small space. This process is essentially taking only the key components of what happens in nature and recreating those conditions scientifically.


Our sales staff has experience using all forms of hydroponics, and we will be able to match your needs with honest products that really get the job done!

Organic Farming

Organics is the process of cultivating soil. In this scenario, the plant receives its nutrition from the composition of the medium it is planted in. The soil is constantly composting and being broken down by a series of micro-organism and beneficial bugs, creating a slow-release effect for available nutrients. This process is essentially taking what happens in nature and providing the soil with the necessary means for replication. Nothing feels more natural and “right” than watching an organic garden in full swing!


Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality organic products, and we strive to source our organic amendments and additives from Colorado companies whenever possible.